The proprietary workshops we have developed are frequently inspired by the true business challenges faced by our clients. We know that these issues are real, and that they can hold you back from optimizing financial and team success.


More workplaces than you can possibly imagine are plagued by never-ending drama. It's a time sucker, a productivity killer, and it lowers the engagement and morale of all employees. The workshop teaches you how to recognize the signs of the drama triangle, how to get out of the triangle, and show you how to turn the drama triangle upside down and empower others (rather than enable).  Every attendee gets a free copy of our book; “Say Goodbye to Drama”


There may not be physical throwing of garbage cans or screaming at each other in the bull pen on a daily basis, but you can be sure that there are conflicts and anger issues in your workplace that continue to go unresolved. This workshop provides tools and strategies for productively handling conflict and emotions, and not letting stressful situations get turned into the path of least resistance.  Every attendee gets a PEAR Toolbox™ to keep and use as visual cues for future behavioral awareness.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is increasingly understood to be the foundation of success in leadership, teamwork, and workplace effectiveness. We delve into the quadrant of EQ parts and bring learning to a higher level of self-awareness including; recognizing and managing your own emotions and how emotional intelligence leads to better relationships both personally and professionally.


  • Are applicable to all levels in an organization

  • Cover a wide variety of topics you will find both engaging and immediately applicable to your personal and professional life

  • Are available in half- or full-day formats

  • Are priced to be well within reach of small to mid-sized businesses as well as for large corporations and family businesses


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