Gen Z in the Workforce

A New Generation Has Arrived!

As we are finally starting to get a grasp on Millennials in the workplace a shift in focus is about to come. Gen Z, a new generation about to enter the workforce and take over as the largest generation on Earth. They bring with them a new definition of success to life and the workplace. Their change of perspective with force employers to look at their behaviors, attitudes and preferences.


Who is Gen Z?


Gen Z was raised on social media, similar to Millennials, but also entered the workplace during a global pandemic. It is hard for something as jarring as that to not shape new ideals for the incoming workforce. These factors have bred a generation that looks to push the standard boundaries of the modern workplace. Creating a new space that works for them and their wants and needs. But what they crave from a workplace might surprise employers:


  • They want more structured hybrid work: While many Millennials and modern workplaces are shifting their focus to remote only work, that is not actually what Gen Z desires. They want a place where they can have in office days as well as remote work. Giving them the chance to collaborate with their coworkers in person while also getting the chance to work comfortably from home.
  • They want to switch off: Gen Z has a strong desire for work life balance. They want to work for a company that respects that need, being able to truly “switch off” after 5pm and on weekends.
  • Gen Z yearns for Mental Health Support: In recent years, mental health has become a top priority for workers. Seeing this trend Gen Z has not strayed away from this. Burnout is huge issue facing the modern workplace and Gen Z wants to know they work for a company that takes it seriously and will work with them to combat that issue.


Designing For Gen Z


Due to the size and impact of this incoming generation Gen Z will have the opportunity to truly personalize their career journeys. This means, as an organization, if you want to attract the top talent from Gen Z, you will have to change not only your recruitment practices, but potentially your company as a whole. Matching the ideals and preferences of this new demanding generation.


Some qualities to focus on when attracting Gen Z to your company are as follows:

  • Flexibility
  • Peer Coaching
  • Teamwork
  • Diversity
  • Work/life balance
  • Development
  • Growth
  • Social Awareness
  • Mentorships
  • Job Rotation


Implementing these ideals into your company will help to not only attract but retain the top talent from the newest generation entering the workforce.


Kerri Murdy