Make Delegation a Habit

The excuses we tell ourselves and others are endless as to why we don’t delegate more. From “It takes more time to give to someone else than to do it myself” to “nobody else will do it as well as me.” On top of those, there are also excuses that we keep quiet and maybe[…]

Gen Z in the Workforce

As we are finally starting to get a grasp on Millennials in the workplace a shift in focus is about to come. Gen Z, a new generation about to enter the workforce and take over as the largest generation on Earth. They bring with them a new definition of success to life and the workplace.[…]

Roll the Dice on Positivity

Why do so many of us go to the dark side?  Where we have a belief that is a negative belief and then we create a deep and very creative and interesting narrative to go along with that belief.  Our belief becomes so strong that we have created our own fait du complet; an event[…]

Leverage your Remote Team

COVID has changed the landscape of workplaces as we knew them. Working from home has provided benefits that are game changers for many employees. Flexibility, better focus time, and work-life balance are all non-negotiables now that we know they’re possible. But with so many employees working from home, how do you make sure that they[…]

One Hire at a Time

From January – July 2022 PEAR has… Reviewed 7,896 Resumes Interviewed 1,494 Candidates Submitted 933 candidates to our clients Hired 124 Employees   We all know far too well that the labor market changes unexpectedly & rapidly, and so too does talent acquisition. As our workforce continues to rebound from COVID and unemployment rates remain[…]