When we leverage something, we use “it” to its maximum advantage.  Companies leverage their key resources.  And, hopefully, they leverage their key talent as part of their key resources.


But what about you?  How do you leverage yourself?  You matter.


Ask yourself (and really think about the answers to) the following 3 questions:


  1. What are your unique abilities?
  2. How do you best contribute to the world, your family, your career?
  3. When are you the most engaged?


Knowing the truthful answers to those questions will provide you with direction.  And a voice.  Your voice.  Because you matter.  And, because if you don’t know how to leverage you, nobody else will or can.


It seems many of us don’t know the answers to these questions until we are so far down a rabbit hole (a position that pays our bills and maybe even gives us the opportunity to save some money for our future) that we either keep going and accept our fate, or the pain is so great we need to make a change (and often don’t know where to start)!


How do we discover our true selves to make the changes we need to leverage ourselves whereby we are living in our unique abilities, contributing to the world, our families and our career and are passionately engaged?


Is this even possible you may wonder?  Yes, it is possible.


One suggestion that can help you get to your truth is to explore taking an assessment, or two. Explore and focus on the assessments that will highlight your emotional intelligence (EQ).  There are so many of these assessments to choose from and there are a few that I can suggest.  Email me and I am happy to provide you with what I have used for myself, our team, and our clients.  dk@pearcoresolutions.com


Now is the time, to take the time, so you are making the most of your time here on this planet.  Nobody can do the work for you.  Cheers to a more self-aware you!  Until next time!


Deidre Koppelman - Founder & CEO - PEAR Core Solutions, Inc. – www.pearcoresolutions.com