Check Your Baggage

Imagine for a minute that you are traveling to multiple destinations, and it requires changing planes along your journey.  Of course, this might have to be happening post-pandemic and, quite frankly, that’s a nice thought to imagine!  New York to Hawaii.  Hawaii to Australia.  Australia to Hong Kong.  Hong Kong to South Korea.  South Korea to Israel.  Israel to Spain.


It’s a long journey and one that is bound to bring new memories and adventures.  And, most likely, some challenges along the way.  A flight might be delayed, and it takes you longer to get to your destination.  A hotel reservation may have been lost and your itinerary is in flux.  The exchange of currency may have been confusing and you got frustrated trying to buy a souvenir.


One thing you can be sure to expect along this long journey, with multiple destinations, is that you will be transferring your baggage from one destination to another.  Are you bringing everything you packed with you to every single destination?  Will the contents serve you well at each destination?


You can probably guess by now that I am looking at life as a myriad of destinations that each of us travel to lugging our baggage along with us from our previous destinations that we have traveled to.


So, my question is, as you travel along your life’s journey, is there any baggage that you should discard because it won’t serve you well in your new and/or current destination?  Any negative thoughts and feelings that you developed along the way that don’t serve you well should be left behind.  Acknowledge them, seek to understand where they began, get to your root causes, learn what you can from them, and leave them behind.  They serve no purpose where you are, now.  Today.


Choosing what we place in our baggage to accompany us on each journey, includes who we want to bring with us, and choosing where we want to go, as well.  We get to make those choices every single day.  Choice.  That’s one of the most powerful actions a human can act on.  More on that topic, next week! Now is the time, to take the time, so you are making the most of your time here on this planet.  Nobody can do the work for you.  Cheers to a lighter, happier, and mindful you along your journey!  Until next time!


Deidre Koppelman - Founder & CEO - PEAR Core Solutions, Inc.