When we leverage something, we use “it” to its maximum advantage.  Companies leverage their key resources.  And, hopefully, they leverage their key talent as part of their key resources.   But what about you?  How do you leverage yourself?  You matter.   Ask yourself (and really think about the answers to) the following 3 questions:[…]

The Sensitivity Chip

“You’re too sensitive.” “You’re taking this personally.” “You care too much.”   …and that’s a bad thing?  I must admit that when I was younger, I used to get quite frustrated when anyone told me that I was “too sensitive.”  It made me feel that I was too soft hearted, slightly foolish, and overall, just[…]

Check Your Baggage

Imagine for a minute that you are traveling to multiple destinations, and it requires changing planes along your journey.  Of course, this might have to be happening post-pandemic and, quite frankly, that’s a nice thought to imagine!  New York to Hawaii.  Hawaii to Australia.  Australia to Hong Kong.  Hong Kong to South Korea.  South Korea[…]