Coaching and the Wizard of Oz – COURAGE

Courage. It enables us to face difficulty, danger and pain without fear. In business, and in life, we most likely rely on our courage more often than perhaps we are really comfortable doing. Having courage is key to our success professionally and personally.


Coaching. We all have opportunities for personal growth that will move our needle toward a better self. A little bit, a notch, in the direction of greater self-awareness that will ultimately make our lives, actions and decisions filled with more confidence.


It’s easy to believe “I’m too old and I can’t change”. But, that’s just a belief. A belief is not a fact. One of the fundamental keys to being a successful leader is self-awareness. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and really identify where we can improve, and seek the resources to move the needle ever so slightly in the direction we want it to move to, we are not only more self-aware but we actually can create and control the changes we want to make, to be a better you for you and everyone you interact with.


It’s Monday. Use some of your courage today to identify the one or two opportunities for growth that you want to move the needle on. Seek out the resources. Get coached. Your “self” will thank you for being aware, taking action and ultimately for being a better you to everyone else.