Bully Bosses Bruise Big Time – Part 2

The overwhelming response to “Bully Bosses Bruise Bigtime” that I published a few weeks ago has me believing there is more to this topic to share.


Bullying is a scenario that we may all recall witnessing on a playground when we were kids. The fact is, we face bullying often in our adult world in the space we spend the most amount of our hours; the workplace.


So how can we tell the difference between a tough boss and a bully boss?


Check these out and let me know what you think!



  1. Verbally abuse you, alone or in front of others
  2. Intimidate you on a regular basis by threatening to fire you every other day
  3. Question your adequacy and your commitment to your work/team/company frequently
  4. Undermine your work and create set-ups for failure
  5. Impede your success by not providing you with the proper resources to accomplish the goal
  6. Spread rumors about you, gossip about you, engage other employees to talk negatively about you
  7. Isolate you from your peer group, leave you out of meetings or employee engagement activities


So what will a tough boss do?



  1. Hold you accountable for your actions
  2. Expect your full commitment even if that requires extra time and effort on your part
  3. Provide you with specific feedback; both positive and re-directive so you always know where you stand
  4. Make some decisions that you don’t always agree with
  5. Push you beyond your comfort zone to create true personal and professional growth
  6. Require that you come to the table with suggested solutions to problems that you are complaining about
  7. Will micromanage from time-to-time and annoy you BUT, you will be grateful that your boss is tough boss…and NOT a bully boss.
  8. Lots more on the topic…just something to think about and share.