Show Up & Show Some

Penguins, the epitome of showmanship. Tuxedo clad, great posture, engaged in their environment, looking proud.   Observing and developing individuals and teams, I’m always in-tune to how individuals and teams “show up” in their professional and personal lives. Many articles and books written on the topic, so for a quick read here’s a few tips:[…]

The Best Engagement Gift

You’ve made the decision to hire your next addition of talent to your team. It was a long, arduous process and you interviewed endlessly and cautiously to find the best! Everyone is excited that the new addition has been selected and the onboarding process has occurred seamlessly.   Fast forward a few months. Have you[…]

The Millennial Misconception

By 2030 75% of the workforce in the US will be comprised of millennial workers. Many companies today are desperately trying to better understand this generation of workers because we see that what they value differs from the generations of workers that came before them. Some common negative misconceptions of millennial workers are that they[…]

Bully Bosses Bruise Big Time

Imagine you get a phone call from an all-star employee. Maybe he/she is a family member of yours, a friend, a previous co-worker or even an acquaintance that you met and connected with.   Now, imagine further that this individual has had an incredible career and stellar reputation and left a previous position held for[…]