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The PEAR Analytic Advantage™

“Information Dictates the Strategy”

Our team of trained and certified specialists use comprehensive assessment tools to enable you to assess your current unique organizational culture, which provides significant benefits for both recruiting, leadership and management purposes. What makes one person successful, or less successful, in an organization can be very telling in terms of how you manage those people, and how you hire similar employees to create a team that works well together and produces maximum returns.

Once the combination of assessment tools are completed and analyzed, we deliver a full in-depth PEAR Core Report™ on the results per individual, and as a team. We will also provide management strategies and coaching recommendations based on the results.

One of the key differences at PEAR is that we do not just gather information. Too often, consultants provide you with a lot of information and a lot of reports that end up sitting in a top drawer or, in a file somewhere. We believe that information gathered must be meaningful AND actionable. We don’t just create strategies and information, we help you implement the strategies, as well.

We do not have a “one-size-fits-all” model, this means, we do not use the same assessment in every organization we work with because every organization is different. Information dictates the strategy.


Organizational Development

Information Dictates the Strategy
Our team of trained and certified strategic specialists use comprehensive assessment tools to enable you to assess your current unique organizational culture,

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Human Resources Management

Comprehensive HR Audits
Employee Handbooks
PEAR™ Care
Reality Based Job Descriptions
Morale and Culture

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The PEAR Workplace Workshops™

Individual and Group Sessions
We provide a comprehensive selection of training workshops for executives, supervisors and employees.

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The PEAR Academy of Leadership™

Individual and Group Sessions
At every level in every organization, getting what you want and need from your team.

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The PEAR Core Career™

If you are new to the job market, or looking for a new position, our PEAR Career Corner™ is your resource for advice and direction.

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Talent Acquisition

Best Practices in Identifying, Hiring, and Retaining Talent
The proprietary process we have developed can assist with the hiring needs at every level in any industry.
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