Human Resources Management

Comprehensive Outsourced HR Solutions

PEAR offers a tailored outsourced solution for all of your HR needs including; legal compliance, performance management, benefits administration, new hire paperwork and employee communications.

Legal Compliance at Federal and State Levels
Customized Employee Handbooks
Comprehensive HR Audits
Benefits and Payroll Administration
Workers Comp & Disability Administration
Employee Classification Audits (FLSA)
Wage Classification and Verification
Unemployment Support
COBRA Administration

PEAR Care™


All of our HR consulting expertise can be offered at an hourly rate, on a project basis, or on a monthly retainer.

PEAR Care™ encompasses all areas of Human Resource support on an as needed basis to include, but not limited to:

Employee Relations
Training and Development
Employee Counseling
ADA Compliant Job Descriptions 
New Hire Paperwork & On-boarding
Performance Management 
Sexual Harassment Training
HR Administration
Disciplinary Process
Independent Investigations
Benefits/Compensation Management
Terminations and Exit Interviews

PEAR serves as your on-call, in-house HR department.

Responsive, approachable and ready to assist 24/7.

Offering a more personalized approach to your daily HR needs.


Organizational Development

Information Dictates the Strategy
Our team of trained and certified strategic specialists use comprehensive assessment tools to enable you to assess your current unique organizational culture,

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Human Resources Management

Comprehensive HR Audits
Employee Handbooks
PEAR™ Care
Reality Based Job Descriptions
Morale and Culture

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The PEAR Workplace Workshops™

Individual and Group Sessions
We provide a comprehensive selection of training workshops for executives, supervisors and employees.

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The PEAR Academy of Leadership™

Individual and Group Sessions
At every level in every organization, getting what you want and need from your team.

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The PEAR Core Career™

If you are new to the job market, or looking for a new position, our PEAR Career Corner™ is your resource for advice and direction.

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Talent Acquisition

Best Practices in Identifying, Hiring, and Retaining Talent
The proprietary process we have developed can assist with the hiring needs at every level in any industry.
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