Providing a Positive Candidate Experience – By Lauren Leprine

Providing a Positive Candidate Experience – By Lauren Leprine

Providing a positive candidate experience is essential for attracting and retaining strong workers. This will not only benefit the candidate but the organization as well. Candidate and new hire experiences can shape how an individual perceives and views an organization, therefore, a bad candidate experience can cause an individual’s view of that organization as negative all together. At PEAR, it is our goal to ensure that all candidates have a positive and stress-free experience from the very start and protect the reputation of your company as well as maintain a competitive edge in attracting top performers.

There are a few factors that influence a candidate’s experience. The first factor is the timeline of the hiring process. No candidate wants to feel as though the duration of the process was unreasonably lengthy. While it is understandable that an organization has other responsibilities and goals, it is crucial to ensure the hiring process is efficient and respectful of a candidate’s time. Keeping the candidate well-informed also helps to make a candidate feel like they are valued and have not been forgotten about. Doing so will show that your organization is accommodating, well-organized, and efficient.

The second factor is onboarding. The candidate experience does not stop once the candidate has been hired and being able to correctly onboard a new hire will further help him/her to be more effective in their role. The new hire should be given proper and sufficient on the job training and be provided with the necessary resources, information, and technology. Also, the individual should feel comfortable and welcome and be made to feel open to address their questions or concerns.

The third factor is the communication during the selection process. This entails the organization to be clear and direct about what exactly they are looking for and provide an honest perspective of the job. This will help both parties to identify whether it is truly a good fit or not from the start. Candidates also want to feel that the organization knows what they are looking for in terms of skills, competencies, and characteristic and the candidate should be provided with clear and honest answers to their questions. Bending the truth to make your company seem more appealing will only cause you time and money in the long run.

While there are numerous variables that go into employee satisfaction, creating a positive experience from the start will have lasting effects on your employees’ attitudes and views. But it shouldn’t end there, your organization should strive to maintain a positive environment at all times because employees who are happy and feel appreciated are more likely to be strong, efficient workers