CULTURE VULTURES by Deidre Koppelman Siegel

Interesting ride up this morning in the elevator. Carrying my work bag, purse and a large cup of coffee that I desperately can’t wait to sip, a woman is holding the elevator door open for me and with a huge smile she greets me as if we have been life-long friends. Immediately I mustered up a huge welcome right back and then the elevator door closed.

Once the door closed, she looked at me straight into my eyes and said “once that door opens again, the depressing day begins.” Coming from a seemingly upbeat and welcoming demeanor that she exuded, I was shocked. She continued, “they are trying to change the culture, but if they don’t fire the employees that are creating, adding to or undermining the culture they are trying to fix, nothing will change and it’s really depressing.”

With that, the door opened to her floor and she gave me a huge smile and all I could say was, “you keep smiling and use your smile to influence everyone you can today.”

Hmmmm….wonder what the leaders in the organization she works for are thinking. Are they aware of the culture vultures? Are you aware of the culture vultures in your company? What are you doing about it? Are you ignoring your “gut” – when you know you need to terminate a
few individuals?

Thought for the day: What kind of culture do you want living in your organization? Certainly not a bacterial culture that spreads and infects the smiles and morale you are so dependent on for the overall health of your company and happiness of your clients.

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