Compensation Equity: How to ensure you are paying men and women equitably

We’ve all heard the statistics. Women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns. Women’s lower earnings are typically due to a number of different factors. Occupations primarily staffed by women have historically had lower levels of compensation....


Money talks. Or does it? – By Lauren Leprine

It’s a common belief that money is the leading motivator of employees. More recently, however, we are coming to realize that this is not the case. Money can be an added incentive, but it will not necessarily be enough...


Behavioral-Based Interviews: Look Beyond the Resume – By Lauren Leprine

If you are entrusted with the responsibility to make a hiring decision, you are fully aware that this is nothing to take lightly. Hiring the right employees can add value to your organization (e.g., increased income or cost savings,...


Can my business succeed without worrying about employee engagement? – By Dave Freedman

Can my business succeed without worrying about employee engagement? – By Dave Freedman Spoiler: the answer is “yes, but.” (You saw that one coming, right?) First of all: what is employee engagement? At PEAR, we define engagement as an...


Providing a Positive Candidate Experience – By Lauren Leprine

Providing a Positive Candidate Experience – By Lauren Leprine Providing a positive candidate experience is essential for attracting and retaining strong workers. This will not only benefit the candidate but the organization as well. Candidate and new hire experiences can...


The Millennial Misconception – By Stephanie Quinn

The Millennial Misconception – By Stephanie Quinn By 2030 75% of the workforce in the US will be comprised of millennial workers. Many companies today are desperately trying to better understand this generation of workers because we see that what...


The Best Engagement Gift – Deidre Koppelman Siegel, February 2015

You’ve made the decision to hire your next addition of talent to your team. It was a long, arduous process and you interviewed endlessly and cautiously to find the best! Everyone is excited that the new addition has been...


BULLY BOSSES BRUISE BIGTIME – PART 2 by Deidre Koppelman Siegel

The overwhelming response to “Bully Bosses Bruise Bigtime” that I published a few weeks ago has me believing there is more to this topic to share. Bullying is a scenario that we may all recall witnessing on a playground...


Coaching and the Wizard of Oz – Part 1 – COURAGE – by Deidre Koppelman Siegel

Courage. It enables us to face difficulty, danger and pain without fear. In business, and in life, we most likely rely on our courage more often than perhaps we are really comfortable doing. Having courage is key to our...


Show Up & Show Some by Deidre Koppelman Siegel

Penguins, the epitome of showmanship. Tuxedo clad, great posture, engaged in their environment, looking proud. Observing and developing individuals and teams, I’m always in-tune to how individuals and teams “show up” in their professional and personal lives. Many articles...


Bully Bosses Bruise Bigtime by Deidre Koppelman Siegel

Imagine you get a phone call from an all-star employee. Maybe he/she is a family member of yours, a friend, a previous co-worker or even an acquaintance that you met and connected with. Now, imagine further that this individual...


CULTURE VULTURES by Deidre Koppelman Siegel

Interesting ride up this morning in the elevator. Carrying my work bag, purse and a large cup of coffee that I desperately can’t wait to sip, a woman is holding the elevator door open for me and with a...



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