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Human Resources

PEAR offers tailored outsourced solutions for all of your HR needs including; legal compliance, performance management, benefits administration, new hire paperwork and employee communications.

The PEAR Academy
of Leadership™

Customized training for groups and individuals to assess and strengthen key leadership skills to more effectively serve as both a team leader and team member. Inquire about our half-day and full-day programs, as well as our 12 week PEAR Certified Leader Program™.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can happen in unexpected ways, and claims can arise from unexpected employees. Learn how PEAR can help you protect your employees and your company with sexual harassment training, policy audits, and impartial investigations.


Since 2003, PEAR has acquired a stellar reputation for assisting our clients with their hiring needs. From C-level to administrative, in every industry, our unique process brings science and strategy into every hiring need.

The PEAR Pulse™
Employee Engagement

It’s all relative and related. Engaged leaders beget engaged employees … beget engaged customers. How engaged is your team? PEAR will quantify it, specify it, and provide you with a road map to accelerate your employee engagement pulse

The PEAR Analytic Advantage™
Organizational Development

Did you know natural instinct on your team is more telling than IQ? Learn more about the assessment tools PEAR is uniquely certified in to help you understand the dynamics of your team, and how to use the information to get synergistic and optimal performance!

My Success Platform™
Find Your Passion,
Fuel Your Career

Unemployed? Unsure of your career path? Looking to discover your passion? My Success Platform™ has the resources to help you take action and focus your efforts toward your career goals. Learn how you can experience firsthand the successful work we have provided to companies across the country since 2003.


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